Would you like to join us in the vertical world of Slovenian Alps? Climbing a rock route is always a new experience for everyone, since it is also a test of your strength and technique. Julian Alps, Kamnik Savinja Alps and Karawanks are lovely mountains to do that.  Our world of precipitous walls will certainly not let you down. Our mountain guides can take you to the hidden corners of the world of the chamois.


From May till October.


One day. At Triglav you can combine with ascent to peak in two days.


Julian Alps, Karawanks and Kamnik Savinja Alps.


Appropriate mountain clothes and shoes, helmet, climbing harness, backpack and other equipment suggested by guide.


Price for Triglav guiding routes please check on link.

Debela peč Jesih-Potočnik: III-IV+, 500m 350€ 400€
Debela peč Skločeva smer: VI-/V, 500m 400€ not guiding
Mali Oltar Bučar Kristan: III-IV-,  in naprej na Veliki Oltar, 500m + greben. 350€ 400€
Mala Mojstrovka Severni raz: IV-, 300m 250€ 330€
Kranjska poč: IV+, 300m 250€ 330€
Smer po zajedi: V+, 300m 350€ not guiding
Velika Mojstrovka Smer Debelakove: IV+, 400m 350€ 400€
Grebenec navrtane smeri Do ocene: 6a, cca 250m. 250€ 330€
Špik Direktna smer: V+, 800m 550€ not guiding
Veliki Draški vrh DKV: V, 500m 470€ not guiding
Visoka Bela špica Severni raz: IV+, 250m 330€ 400€
Montaž Kugyjeva smer: III, 1000m 390€ 490€
  • In price is included: equipment rental, transfer from acomodation and back (Kranjska Gora, Mojstrana, Bled), guiding and costs incurred by the guide.
  • You need aprox. 50€ (in CASH) with you for sleeping, food and drink in the hut.
  • Transfer is not included in the price for guiding in Kamniško Savinjske Alps.
  • For other routes price is by agreement.

Extra costs in routes:

  • Climb to the Triglav peak: 130 EUR
  • Sleeping in the hut and descent second day: 230 EUR
  • Ascent to the peak and descend second day: 230 EUR

Number of participants

1 and 2 persons max per one guide. Depends from the route difficulties and guest phisically conditions guests.

Special notes

Where is empty space there is no guiding for that number of persons.


Over application form HERE!!!!

INFO: office@kofler-sport.si