Get into the mightiest, highest and broadest wall – the Triglav North Face. It is so powerful that we simply call it the Wall with a capital letter. More than 140 routes run across the Wall and our professional mountain guides, are ready to reveal the kingdom of the Wall and the puzzles of its classic climbing routes to you.

Guided routes and more of them belove

Slovenian route-triglav-north-wall

Slovenian route-Triglav north wall


German route -Triglav north wall


Long German route-Triglav north wall



From late June till the end of September.


This face of Mt Triglav is one of the biggest walls of all the Eastern Alps. Its height is 1.300 meters with almost 4.000 meters wide. That’s why slovenian people simply call Triglav north wall “The Wall  and they have their reasons! We can climb the Mt Triglav North face by one of its several ascent routes.


Climbing lasts one day. Two days with climb on the summit.


Julian Alps – Triglav North wall.


Appropriate mountain clothes and shoes, helmet, climbing harness, backpack, 2x locking carabiner, sling 120cm, other equipment suggested by guide.

Price & Extra costs at routes

Slovenian route II-III+, 800m 280€ 340€
Short German route III-IV, 800m 350€ 450€
Long German route III-IV+, 1000m 420€ not guiding
Bavarian route IV+, 800m 420€ not guiding
Skalaška route V+, 1000m 500€ not guiding
Čop pillar VI+, 1000m 890€ not guiding
  • Climb to the Triglav peak: 130 EUR
  • Sleeping in the hut and descent second day: 230 EUR
  • Ascent to the peak and descend second day: 230 EUR
  • In price is included: rent equipment, transfers from accomodation and back (Kranjska Gora, Mojstrana, Bled), guiding and costs for guide.
  • You need aprox. 50€ with you for sleeping, food and drink in the hut per day.

Special notes

Čopov steber route is only in a package together with one recognisable route (route Po zajedi in Nad Šitom Glavi).


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