The Triglav  is the highest mountain of Slovenia. It lies in the Alps and has 2,864 m of altitude. Triglav is a mighty mountain located in the heart of the Triglav National Park; it is the symbol of Slovenia and boasts the greatest Slovenian wall. All ascents are led by professional mountain guides.


By arrangment from May till November.


  • The easiest climbing route up to Triglav’s top is in the Krma valley. Although we must climb around 2000 meters of height, there will be only 400 meters of via ferrata.
  • On the other hand, the hardest ascent route involves one via ferata of about 1500 meters long from the Vrata valley with also almost 2000 meters of altitude change.
  • The third possibility is to join us in three days  marvellous Triglav hiking traverse from Bohinj region over seven lakes valley well know by establishment of Triglav national park.


  • 1 day climb: However, you must be superfit to that. If you want to choose a 1-day private climb you should have a level 5, on a scale 1-5 in endurance.  Somewhere between 12 to 14 hours, and we make around 2000m height difference.
  • 2. days climb: We suggest  to take at least two days to enjoy a safe and great climbing experience in Triglav from Krma or Vrata valley.  Somewhere between 16 to 18 hours, and we make around 2000m height difference.
  • 3 days climb: marvelous Triglav hiking traverse from Bohinj region over 7 lakes valley well know by esthablsihment of Triglav national park. 


Julian Alps.


  • Appropriate mountain clothes and shoes, helmet, climbing harness, via ferrata system, backpack and other equipment suggested by guide.
  • Check for the: TRIGLAV EQUIPMENT-ENG-PDF, that you will not forgot something.


TRIGLAV 1 DAY 350€ 500€ 650€ 800€
TRIGLAV 2 DAYS 500€ 600€ 735€ 980€
  • In price is included: equipment rental, transfer from acomodation and back (Kranjska Gora, Mojstrana, Bled), guiding and costs incurred by the guide.
  • You need aprox. 50€ (in CASH) with you for sleeping, food and drink in the hut.

Number of participants

Max 5 persons per 1 guide.


Over application form HERE!!!!