With ice axes in your hands, crampons on your feet, a helmet on your head, and a waist harness and rope you are ready for a new winter adventure – ice climbing in Slovenian waterfalls!

You will soon realise that the ice is quite solid, so a proper technique is required when holding an ice axe in order to strike with it and progress up the ice. All these activities are performed under the watchful eye of one of our mountain guides. All you need is some courage, and strength in your arms and legs.


  • Just tell us when you want to go and we will do our best to meet your request.
  • Bookings should be made at least 2 days in advance; an additional date is agreed in advance in reserve in the event of bad weather.


3-4 hours, 1 day or weekend course

Location – choose from:

  • Ice climbing in the Mlačca gorge in Mojstrana
  • Ice climbing the waterfalls in Prednja glava or the Prisank mountain, in the Tamar valley,  Zajezera or other ice waterfalls upon agreement.


  • Warm winter clothing, winter hiking shoes, helmet, harness, axes, cap, gloves, crampons, 2x locking carabiner, 120cm sling.
  • Other equipment as suggested by the guide.


1 PERSON in €
2 PERSONS in €
3-4 PERSONS in €
Mlačca gorge, Mojstrana
Slovenian waterfalls up to 4 grade
not guiding
Slovenian waterfalls from 4+ up to 6 grade
not guiding


  • Prices are for one day during which 1 or 2  waterfalls can be climbed.
  • Prices include: guiding, equipment rent, transport (Mojstrana, Kranjska Gora), costs incurred by the guide and  small gift
  • Prices not include: entrance fee to the Mlačca gorge (15 €)
  • Prices upon agreement for other ice climbing trips.

Number of participants

Min. 1, max. 4 people