Conquer the highest Slovenian mountain – Mount Triglav (2,864m) – in winter. A unique 2-day experience in Triglav National Park and the Julian Alps with licensed mountain guides. A pure winter climbing adventure is coming your way!


The start is on foot from the Krma valley, or if you are a ski-tourer, on skis, which is preferable.


From the beginning of November until May – depending on snow conditions.


We start and finish the hike at the same point – in the Krma valley. We will sleep at the Triglavski dom at Kredarica mountain hut. From the hut, we will made the ascent to the top of Mount Triglav 2.864m from where we will descend in the same direction back towards the hut.

There is also a via ferata route from the hut to the summit of Mount Triglav and back, however, during winter it is mostly snow-covered and thus not feasible.


  • Day 1: Krma valley 980m – Triglavski dom at Kredarica 2.515m; 6-8 hours of walking and 1,500 metres of height difference
  • Day 2: Triglavski dom at Kredarica 2.515m – summit of Mount Triglav 2.864mKrma valley 980m; 4-6 hours from the hut (Triglavski dom) to the top and back, plus 4-6 hours to return to the valley.
  • In total the two-day trip takes between 16 to 18 hours during which you will conquer a height difference of around 1.900 metres.


  • Appropriate mountain clothing and shoes, helmet, climbing harness, axe, crampons, backpack, 2x locking carabiner, 120cm sling.
  • We will provide technical equipment.
  • A list of equipment can be found by clicking this link: TRIGLAV WINTER EQUIPMENT LIST


  • The price of a one-day trip is €500 for one guest and €650 for two guests.
  • Most people usually like to make the ascent over two days
  • The price for two days is €850 for one guest and €950 for 2 guests.
  • Prices include: transfer from accommodation (Kranjska Gora, Mojstrana) to start point and back, equipment rental, guiding, costs incurred by the guide and gift.
  • You should budget extra money (in cash) for accommodation and food at the Triglavski dom at Kredarica mountain hut. Note: during winter the hut is officially closed, however, meteorologists are present all-year round and are able to provide us food, drink and accommodation.

Special notes

A ascent of Mount Triglav in winter conditions is significantly more difficult than in summer, especially when done in one day.


Bookings should be made a minimum of 2 days in advance

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