Prepare your skis in our ski service for safe and enjoyable skiing. Let us prepare your ski touring, alpine or cross-country skis for your winter adventure. Our ski service is located, very close to the Kranjska Gora ski resort.

If you want your skis to slide well, have great sharpened edges to overcome the hardness of icy ski slopes, and to be optimally prepared in all respects, we offer servicing of alpine, cross-country and touring skis. We install ski bindings quickly and professionally and all our work is done by hand.

Price List

  • SMALL SERVICE: grinding slide plane, impregnation: €20.00
  • MEDIUM SERVICE: grinding slide plane, curb sharpening, impregnation, inspection of bindings: €26.00
  • GIANT SERVICE: grinding slide plane, curb sharpening, polishing edges, repairing slide plane damage, impregnation, inspection of bindings:  €29.00
  • CROSS-COUNTRY SKI SERVICE: grinding slide plane, repairing slide plane damage, impregnation, impression of the structure in slide plane, inspection of bindings:  €23.00
  • CHILDREN’S SKI SERVICE: grinding slide plane, grinding edges, impregnation, inspection of bindings:  €20.00 
  • CURB SHARPENING:  €15.00
  • FITTING: €18.00
  • CHANGING GLUE: €29.00

Special notes

  • A pre-season discount of 20% is offered from 1th November to 1th December
  • A 20% discount is available for 5 or more pairs of ski for medium and giant service
  • A 15% discount is available for 3-4 pairs of skis for medium and giant service
  • Only one of the above discounts can be applied.


+386 41 608 297 Grega,

+386 41 608 297  Anita