Perhaps you are on holiday and did not bring your bike, but you still want to discover the beauty of our alpine valleys.

Options for cycling are everywhere – a beautiful cycle track, which runs from Jesenice all the way to Italy; around the villages; through the valleys that take you towards the mountains. We rent bikes and E-bikes which are flawless and regularly serviced.

NEW E-bikes

  • 2 mountain bikes sizes M and L
  • Wheel size 29 inch.
  • Powerfull Bosch engine – 500 WH.
  • 4 different kind of engine help: Eco, Tour, Emtb in Turbo.
  • Distance made with Eco mode up to 90km.
  • Engine speed help you up to 25km/h.

Adults bikes:

  • Number of bikes is 12:  S – XL.
  • 7x  trekking and  5x mountain bikes.
  • Wheel size 26, 27,5  and 29 inches.
  • You can also rent OUR bikes in camping Kamne and Slovene alpine museum.
  • We offer you 2x child seat and helmets.

Children bikes

  • Number: 9
  • Sizes: 2 bikes without pedals (1-3 years old) 1x 16 inch 1x 18 inch; 2x 20 inch; 2x 24 inch and 1x 26 inch.
  • For families we offer 10% of discount.
  • It’s necessary to make one day prior arrangement.

Special notes


Special notes and general terms

  • When you rent a bike, the bike helmet is included in the price.
  • Rental equipment is paid on receipt; return is to the same place as pick-up.
  • Equipment rental is not insured against theft or damage, so please be careful handling it. In case of loss, damage or theft you must pay compensation.
  • For E-bikes we charge 50€ of acontation for saftey bike use.
  • When renting over 5 bikes we offer a 10% discount.
  • Families have 10% discount.
  • Rental equipment is used at your own risk.
  • VAT is included in price.