The first sports via ferrata in the Slovenian Alps

Via ferrata Češka koča is the first sports via ferrata in the Slovenian Alps. It was built in 2015. It runs between the existing routes and under the ropes of the freight cable car in the precipice below the Češka koča hut. It is one of the most difficult sports via ferratas, so it will not leave you unsatisfied, as well as the views from Grintovec of the valley of Ravenska Kočna.

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Height difference

300 m


3 - 4 h


320 m

VIA FERRATA ČEŠKA KOČA lies above Jezersko and is one of the most difficult via ferratas in Slovenia, rated with difficulty D / E. It is 300 m high and 320 m long. The exit from the ferrata is in the immediate proximity of Češka koča (1542 m) below Grintovec (2558 m).

To climb over such a demanding via ferrata, you need considerable strength in your hands and a lot of climbing experience. Only steel cables are installed for advancement and protection, there are no artificial steel sticks. The most difficult part is located shortly after the entrance, climbing vertically and over the plate, and later also a shorter section with a jump over the overhang. The via ferrata is very open and airy.

We will start the tour in the parking lot in the valley of Ravenska Kočna. We will first follow the macadam road, and then the lower path that leads to the Czech hut. After a good half hour of walking there will be a split for the via ferrata. After the bottom, hardest part, we will come to a ruined head. From there we will continue along the gravelly terrain to the second most difficult place in the via ferrata. Next, we will be accompanied by a nice rock and even better climbing all the way to the top. When we get out of the via ferrata, the Czech hut will be just a shot away. We will descend back to the parking lot along the marked path.

For the via ferrata, we recommend the basic self-protection set - helmet, climbing harness and self-protection system and lanyard. If you do not have your own equipment, you can also rent it from our agency.

Guiding is intended for adults and children from 16 years of age. The guided tour starts by appointment, and with our transport we will pick you up in front of your room, apartment or hotel. We take care of all the necessary technical equipment.

via ferrata ceska koca with a mountain guide
guided ascent via ferrata ceska koca


By agreement
At least one day notice required in advance.


Your own equipment: suitable for the season sports - mountaineering clothing (suitable long mountaineering trousers, at least three layers of clothing, wind jacket, spare cap and gloves), low or high trekking shoes with profiled sole, ferrata gloves (or ordinary work), backpack drinks and food and other equipment needed for safe movement in the highlands (pocket knife, first aid, sunglasses, sunscreen, ...).

Technical equipment: self-protection system, climbing harness, helmet, via ferrata gloves (in case you do not have your own, we provide them). 

We take care of all the technical equipment. Rental of technical equipment is included in the price.

Price list

1 person2 persons3 persons
270 € / person155 € / person120 € / person

Special benefits:

  • 10% discount for family ascents.
  • 5% discount on participants, upon registration and payment at least 20 days before the tour.
  • Discounts do not add up.

Price includes

Guiding, rental of technical equipment, transport from the accommodation and back (Kranjska Gora, Mojstrana, Bled), costs incurred by the guide and small gift.


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Make sure you spend your free time actively. The first sports ferrata in the Slovenian Alps, above Jezersko, awaits you in all its beauty. The number of available places is limited, so do not hesitate to register.

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