When skiing becomes a passion to children because of memorable moments on the white slopes

Let the child get acquainted with skiing under the guidance of our licensed ski instructors, where we will conjure up the joys of ski turns through play. The ski slopes at the ski resort in Podkoren (Velika dolina) are ideal for ski courses.

Advanced reservation is required

160 € / person

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Uf from
4 years


4 days



The beginner course is intended for those children who have not seen the skis yet, have not even stood on them, or those who may have done an hour of skating, but of course nothing else. It is not intended for those who already make wedge turns, but do not yet know how to take the ski lift.

Everything we do in two weekends leads us to have the child do the first simple forms of movement with skis. Many times we learn the real “pizza” (wedge position), it starts with turning and the vast majority at the end of the course also ride the ski lift.


  • Two weekends.
  • Saturday - Sunday
  • 9.00 - 12.00.

For the course it is mandatory to use proper ski equipment (skis, boots, poles, helmet). If you do not have your own equipment, we can rent it to you for the course (8 sets).

The course is intended for children up from age of 4.

Beginner skiing course on ski slopes of Kranjska Gora
Ski course for beginners in  Kranjska Gora


13.-14. and 20.-21.1.2024Still 14 more free places


Personal equipment: Ski clothes, 2 x ski gloves (ski pants and jacket), skis and ski boots, helmet (beginners do not need sticks yet). Small backpack with spare clothes - underwear, thermal underwear or tops, socks, sweater, hat, thin gloves, chocolate bar and a small bottle of a drink, handkerchiefs (all signed).

Price list

160 € / person

Special bennefits:

  • A child who has already attended any of our courses has a 10 % discount.
  • The second, third...child in the family has a 15 % discount.
  • Discounts do not add up.

Price includes

Teaching, ski pass, diploma, tea and a snack.

Additional supplements:

  • Possible rental of a children's ski set (skis, boots, poles, helmet). 60 € per set for 4 days.

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Make sure your child spends his spare time actively. Unforgettable skiing days await you. The number of free places and available dates is limited, so do not delay in applying.

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