Upgrade your via ferrata knowledge and climb difficult via ferratas independently.

Join us on advanced safe via ferrata movement course on via ferratas in Kranjska Gora and Austria. Upgrade your via ferrata skills for an independent journey into the world of harder via ferratas. We will repeat the basics of safe movement in via ferratas, learn about protection in difficult areas and how to help the fallen in via ferratas. We will test ourselves in climbing difficult via ferratas of grade D and E.

Advanced reservation is required

95 € / person

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Height difference

500 m


1 day


650 m

Advanced safe via ferrata movement course are carried out in the mountaineering center Mojstrana, where technical contents, protection of the weaker and help to a fallen in via ferratas are carried out in the training via ferrata Mlačca, assessed on B/C difficulty and in via ferrata Mojstrana - Pot Mojstranških veveric, assessed on C/D difficulty. Contents are repeated and upgraded in Via ferrata Jerm'n, rated on D difficulty, located in Gozd Martuljek..

Group courses are held on weekends. At your request, we can also conduct a private via ferrata course during the week or in another mountaineering center or. via ferrata.


  • Knots
  • Infinitive loop making revision and a presentation of newest via ferrata equipment
  • Safe movement in harder parts
  • Help to the fallen in via ferrets
  • Demonstration of rappeling
  • A trip in via ferrata with a difficulty D (some parts E).


  • From cca 8.30 till cca 17.00

The course requires usage of a via ferrata set - helmet, climbing harness, via ferrata system. If you do not have your own equipment, we will provide it for the course and it is included in the price of the course.

Course is intended for adults and children above the age of 15 years old.

Advance via ferrata course with IFMGA guides
Upgrade your knowledge in advance via ferrata course.


DateAdults and children up from 15 years.
8.7.20234 more free places


Personal equipment: sportswear suitable for the season, low or high trekking shoes with profiled soles, via ferrata gloves (or ordinary work ones), a small backpack in which drinks and snacks go, and other equipment, the list of which you will receive with course instructions.

Technical equipment: self-protection system, climbing harness, helmet, cord (screw carabiner and an infinitive loop, via ferrata gloves and other technical equipment needed for safe ascent and descent of a climber (infinitive loop, carabiner with a screwer, accessory for climbing protection with an auto - tightening system, auxiliary cord 7 mm - 5 m). If you do not have your own equipment, we will provide it for the course and it is included in the price of the course.

Price list

95€ / person

Special beneffits:

  • 10 % discount on families (parent + child between ages 14 and 18).
  • 15% discount on families (3 or more members - children between ages 14 and 18).
  • 10 % discount for people, who have already participated in our courses.
  • 10% discount on your own formed group of at least 5 persons.
  • 5 % discount if you pay 20 days before the course.
  • Discounts do not add up.

Price includes

Mountain guide guiding, technical equipment rental, transportation, guide costs and gift.


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Make sure you spend your free time actively. The knowledge you will gain in the course will take you on an independent path in ferrata. The number of available dates is limited, so do not hesitate to register.

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