Join us on more lonely trails in the beautiful Karawanks ridge.

Karawanks is a mountain range that stretches from the threeborder between Slovenia, Austria and Italy all the way to Croatia. They are one of the three Slovenian mountain ranges, where the heights of the peaks exceed 2000 m. Karawanks together with the Kamnik-Savinja Alps form a natural dividing line between Austrian Carinthia and Gorenjska region.

The Karawanks are full of natural beauty. Particular attention is drawn to certain erosional forms such as the mighty ridges, e.g. the valleys of Poden and Medvedji dol on the Austrian side, as well as the picturesque Dovžanova gorge, the deep Čepa gorge (Tschepa) and several smaller gorges in the Uppersava valley.

Daffodils, or locks in the language of the locals, are also a natural sight, in Planina pod Golica and Javorniški rovt, as well as in Golica itself, which grow so thickly in the vast hayfields during the late spring flowering that it looks as if snow has fallen anew.

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Easy / moderate

Altitude difference

3530 m


3 days



The three-day tour offers us beautiful views of nearby and distant mountains and valleys in Austria and Slovenia, takes us over living mountains, abandoned pastures, ridges and grassy slopes all the way to the highest peak of the Karawanks, i.e. to Stol (2236 m).



DAY 1: Above the village of Dovje (1230 m) - Dovška baba (1892 m) - Hruški vrh (1776 m) - Rožca saddle - Golica (1835 m) - Koča na Golici (hut) (1583 m)

A little above the village of Dovje, we go along the mountain path to Planina Rožca and then to the top of Dovška baba, where it offers us the most beautiful view of Triglav and the Julian Alps and the Vrata valley and then on to the nearby mountains in Austria. We follow the ridge path a little up and a little down, walk across pastures and meadows above Hrušica and Jesenice, all the way to the very famous Golica (1583 m). There we sing happily and after the obligatory picture-taking, we walk further down to Koča na Golici, which will also provide us with accommodation.

  • Starting height: 1200 m
  • Highest point: 1892 m
  • Finish height: 1583 m
  • Altitude difference: 1050 m
  • Length: 12 km


DAY 2: Koča na Golici (1583 m) - Belska planina (1690 m) - Potoški stol (2017 m) - Stol (2236 m) - Prešeren's hut on Stol (2174 m)

After the obligatory picture taking with Golica in the background and Triglav, we cross the slopes with steep grasses, we admire where all the ore was mined for the Jesenice ironworks and the remains are still visible in the Sava Caves. We cross pastures, forests again, admire lonely paths, livestock on the Belska Planina, and the views that open up to us on the way we have walked and also on the ridge of Stol, which is still waiting for us. This one comes at the very end, where the ascent to it is otherwise undemanding, but after a long day we still make a little effort to visit it. But it is only the highest peak. We descend to Prešeren's hut, which hosts us for the second night.

  • Starting height: 1583 m
  • Highest point: 2236 m
  • Finish height: 2174 m
  • Altitude difference: 950 m
  • Length: 16 km


DAY 3: Prešeren's hut under Stolo (2174 m) - Finžgarjeva skala (1932 m) - Valvasor's hut (1181 m) - Ajdna (1046 m) - Završnica (650 m)

Since we have already hiked a little longer for two days, the last day awaits us only a beautiful descent over Finžgarjeva skala and Žirovniška planina all the way to Valvazorjev dom, which is a very popular meeting point for all mountaineers. Of course, we treat ourselves to a coffee, and then we have another climb to Ajdna, an old settlement and archaeological site, and then we descend back in the direction of Završnica. The day is shorter, but since our legs will be tired from the previous days and since it will be mostly downhill, our knees will also hurt a little.

  • Starting height: 2174 m
  • Highest point: 2174 m
  • Finish height: 650 m
  • Altitude difference: 1530 m down
  • Length: 9 km

Hruški vrh - 1776 m
Great traverse of Karawanks ridge - day 2
Stol - 2236 m
Great traverse of Karawanks ridge -  day 3


The dateAvailability
20.-22.6.20248 places left
11.-13.8.20248 places left

Application deadline:

  • 10 days before the start of the tour or until the vacancies are filled.


Own mountaineering equipment: 30 l backpack, good hiking footwear, 3 layers of clothing (one of these windblock), long hiking pants, hat, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, first aid kit, food (in the hut is half board), 1.5 l water for the first day (possible purchase in the hut), ID and other equipment proposed by the guide.

Special requirements

  • The physical fitness of the individual and the endurance of walking at least 7-8 h per day (all together with breaks).


2 persons3 - 4 persons5 - 8 persons
400 € / person250 € / person220 € / person

Special benefits:

  • 10% discount on families (parent + children).
  • 10% discount on participants who have already participated in our programs.
  • 5% discount on participants, when registering and paying at least 20 days before the tour.
  • Discounts do not add up to each other.

Included in the price

  • Local transport from Mojstrana to the starting point and back.
  • Guiding.
  • The cost of the guide.

Additional payment

  • Overnight and all other food and drinks and other costs associated with a tour and not included in the price of the package (approx. 60 € cash / day).
  • Health insurance and supplementary insurance in the case of mountain rescue.
  • Own purchases in huts.

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