For everyone who likes to discover new places and new experiences.

We have dedicated all trekkings, traversing and hiking to hikers and mountaineers who want to test their hiking fitness for several days, see the most beautiful views in completely different areas, talk to themselves, maybe make new friends and more.

Great traverse of Karawanks ridge

Karawanks is a mountain range that stretches from the border between Slovenia, Austria and Italy all the way to Croatia. The heights of the peaks exceed 2000 m.

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The beautiful valley of the Seven Lakes

Discover one of the most beautiful high mountain valleys in Slovenia. The valley is full of lakes, interesting geological and karst phenomena and beautiful peaks.

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Trekking across the Julian Alps

If you want a real adventure and get to know the Julian Alps, most of which lie in the Triglav national park, the only park of its kind in Slovenia, this trekking will be the right choice.

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Triglav 7 lakes hiking traverse

Multiple day hiking tour trough the valley of seven lakes and with ascent to the top of Slovenia. Tour full of history and beautiful scenery.

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A 4-day trekking across the wild Velebit

Premužić's trail takes us through the wilderness, where we see wild karst formations, crazy views of Kvarner and conquer peaks with beautiful views.

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A week of hiking in wild and unique Montenegro

We will have hiking and mountain tours in the two national parks Prokletije and Durmitor, and in between we will also go down the streams of the Tara River.

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Wandering the region of Wilder Kaiser

The Wilder Kaiser certainly exudes a majestic, indeed imperial charm, as it overlooks a dense pine forest that gives way to stretches of lush green meadows and pastures below.

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Traverse of the colorful Nockberge mountains

Join us on an exceptionally colorful and slightly secluded traverse in the Nock Mountains. They are the westernmost and highest mountain range in the Gurktal Alps. Our traverse takes place in the central part of this range.

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