Venture into the world of via ferrata climbing on your own after you take a via ferrata climbing course or join us on a guided via ferrata tours.

Get to know the increasingly popular adrenaline sport through a course, which will later allow you to safely tackle the vertical rock by yourself. Sports via ferratas in Slovenia are quickly developing and more and more new modern sports via ferratas are being created. We also offer guided tours with mountain guides on ferratas and secured climbing routes in the mountains.

Via ferrata Mojstrana – 2 attractive via ferratas

For all adrenaline seekers, there are two attractive sports ferratas above the charming village of Mojstrana. Aljaž route - B and Mojstrana squirrels path - C/D.

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Via ferrata Hvadnik – family via ferrata

An unique adrenaline experience awaits you in the gorge of the Hvadnik stream in Gozd Martuljek village. A wild and fantastic atmosphere and beautiful views.

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Via ferrata Jerm'n – the most difficult one

Via ferrata is intended for true adrenaline enthusiasts. The brand new, boldest, airiest and most difficult via ferrata in the destination of Kranjska Gora.

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Via ferrata Dobršnik - cooldown next to a stream

Pleasant cooling in the Dobršnik gorge, which takes place by the stream, where we will also find 7 waterfalls - the height of the tallest is as much as 22 meters.

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Via ferrata Donnerkogel - sports via ferrata

The via ferrata is built in a world, where crossbars and vertical rock leads you to the famous ladder, which gives this via ferrata its stamp.

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Hanzova route - secured route to Mala Mojstrovka

Join us on a mountaineering adventure and climb one of the oldest secured climbing routes in the Julian Alps, which starts at the highest road pass in Slovenia - Vršič.

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Hanzova and Kopiščar route to Prisank

Bold and wild secured climbing routes in the north face of Prisank, which were built before the Second World War and earned the reputation of the most difficult.

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Via Italiana and Slovenian route

Mangart offers the most daring and airy via ferrata in the Julian Alps. The via ferrata finishes at Mangart saddle from where the Slovenian route takes us to the top.

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Via ferrata Cjajnik - adrenaline via ferrata

The ferrata will not leave you indifferent, as it is a modern sports viaferrata in a perfect vertical rock face that leads to the top of tower of Cjajnik.

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Montaž - Via normale and Via Amalia

Pipans ladder is the easiest in Montasio and is situated in the south face. In the north face, the even wilder but secured climbing route Via Amalia awaits us.

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Gradiška tura - Furlanova and Otmarjeva via ferrata

There are two scenic ferratas located in the Gradiška tura hill - Furlanova and Otmarjeva. The via ferratas are connected to each other and offer climbing easy to challenging.

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Via ferrata Češka hut - sports via ferrata

It was built in 2015. It is categorised as a difficult sport via ferrata, so it will not let leave you unsentimental, nor will the views of the valley and the precipice of Grintovec.

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