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If you have a wish for a real adventures and getting to know the Julian Alps, the majority of which is located in the Triglav National Park, the only park of its kind in Slovenia, a multi-day trekking will be the right choice for you. The ascent is recommended between early July and mid-September, when all mountain huts are open. The main goal of the trekking is to cross the Julian Alps and ascent to Triglav.

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Height difference

5300 m


4 days


Julian Alps

This kind of trekking carries a historical touch of the First World War, as it takes place in the mountains that bordered the former Isonzo Front. The touch of war dissipates when the trekking reaches its peak in the fascinating valley of the Seven Triglav lakes, which brings you into the arms of Triglav. The trekking takes four days, starting in the Soča Valley, more specifically in the Lepena Valley, and ending in Bohinj.

We start in the Soča Valley with an ascent to Lake Krn and end at the end of Bohinj on Planina Blato above Lake Bohinj. In the meantime, we cross quite a few meters of altitude, even on less populated paths, and climb Triglav or just walk below it. Depends on what you choose. We sleep at Dom na Komni, Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih and Vodnikov dom. On the last day we will descend from Vodnikov dom to the Planina Blato.




Lepena (700 m) – Krn lake (1385 m) – behind Lepočami – Bogatinska Vratca (1804 m) – Lanževica (2003) m – Komna hut (1520 m)

Path leads us from Lepena on to Krn Lake. Views will remind us of the slaughter times during the Isonzo Front. Batognica, for example, was mined underground by the Austro-Hungarian army, and an Italian tunnel was found because the Italians also wanted to mine Austro-Hungarian positions, but were overtaken by Austro-Hungarian soldiers and mined half the mountain. Even today, many craters are visible on this account. From Lake Krn we will head to the old abandoned Italian caravels in the place behind Lepoče (1620 m), which served to control the border between the two world wars. The ascent to Bogatinsko sedlo (1804 m) follows, where the border between Italy and the then Kingdom of Yugoslavia ran between 1920 and 1945. From the saddle we continue to the highest point of the day on Lanževica (2003 m). At the end there is a folded descent to Komna hut (1520 m).

  • Starting altitude: 700 m
  • Highest point: 2003 m
  • Target altitude: 1520 m
  • Height difference: 1300 m
  • Length: 13 km
  • Duration: 8-9 h



Komna hut (1520 m) – Triglav 7 lakes hut (1685 m) -  7 lakes valley - Prehodavci hut (1685 m)

This day will surprise us with the beauties of the longest high-mountain valley of the Julian Alps, the valley where the Triglav National Park was declared in 1961. Due to its geological and biodiversity, the Alpine Protection Park was declared here in 1934, which was the basis for today's TNP. The trail from Komna hut (1520 m) gradually climbs along the route of the Triglav traverse to the mountain on Kal, and from there slowly descends into the Lopučnica valley (1550 m). Followed by the ascent to the 7 lakes hut.  Even before we reach the hut, the first view of the 5th and 6th - Double Triglav lake awaits us.
We continue along the 7 lakes valley, where in the middle of the valley is the 4th lake - Kidney lake, which is also the largest. Before the ascent to Prehodavci hut (2071 m), we look at the 3rd lake - Green lake and the 2nd lake - Brown lake.

  • Starting altitude: 1520 m
  • Highest point: 2071 m
  • Target altitude: 2071 m
  • Height difference: 850 m
  • Length: 16 km
  • Duration: 6-7 h



First group: Prehodavci hut (2071 m) - Kanjavec (2568 m) – Dolič (2151 m) – Velska valley – Vodnik hut (1817 m)

Group With Triglav: over Hribarice (2358 m) – Dolič (2150 m) – Triglav (2864 m) – Planika hut 2401 m – Konjsko sedlo (2020 m) – Vodnik hut (1817 m)

We are all heading towards Hribarice. The first group continues to Kanjavec (2568 m), which is admired in winter as the longest Slovenian ski touring route. The route is not technically demanding and the top is conquered by a fairly comfortable route. We descend to Dolič (2150 m) and then on to the Velska valley to Vodnik hut (1817 m). Those who choose the variant with the ascent to Triglav go to the top of Hribarice (2358 m) to Dolič. The path from the hut winds along the former Italian mule track, which led to the ex Caserma Vitorria Emanuelle, which began operations after the First World War. Today, unfortunately, only the foundations are visible. The path to Triglav branches off to the right and leads us to a height of 2550 m, where the protected climbing route begins. Only this one brings us to the Triglav ridge, from which the path continues to the top of Triglav (2864 m) along the right side of the southern ridge. At the top, with a clear and clean atmosphere, the view opens all the way to the Slovenian sea. The descent follows the classic path, which descends along the ridge to Small Triglav (2725 m), There the path splits and we follow the Planika hut (2401 m). From Planika hut there is an even easier descent to Vodnik hut (1817 m). This is where both groups meet. (Triglav is carried out in the case of at least three people who would choose the summit).

First group - no Triglav climb:

  • Starting altitude: 2071 m
  • Highest point: 2568 m
  • Target altitude: 1817 m
  • Height difference: 1500 m
  • Length: 10 km
  • Duration: 6-8 h

Variant with the ascent on Triglav:

  • Starting altitude: 2071 m
  • Highest point: 2864 m
  • Target altitude: 1817 m
  • Height difference: 1650 m
  • Length: 8 km
  • Duration: 8-9 h



Vodnik hut (1817 m) – Velska valley (1680 m) – Jezersko saddle (1980 m) – Planina Krstenica (1645 m) – Planina Blato (1150 m)

From the hut we descend to Velo polje (1680 m), which is known for grazing livestock and where cheese and dairy products are produced from the beginning of July to the end of August. From there, the path leads us to Jezersko saddle (1980 m), where on the right side of the pass there are peaks with interesting names Adam and Eva, both higher than 2000 m. This is followed by a descent to the Planina Krstenica (1645 m), which also operates from the beginning of July to the end of August. From the mountain there is another descent to the pasture Planina Blato (1150 m), where transport awaits us.

  • Starting altitude: 1817 m
  • Highest point: 1945 m
  • Target altitude: 1150 m
  • Height difference: 265 m
  • Length: 9 km
  • Duration: 4-5 h

Trekking across Julian Alps with ascent to Triglav
Trekking across Julian Alps with ascent to Triglav
Trekking across Julian Alps with ascent to Triglav
Trekking across Julian Alps with ascent to Triglav
Trekking across Julian Alps with ascent to Triglav
Trekking across Julian Alps with ascent to Triglav
Trekking across Julian Alps with ascent to Triglav
Trekking across Julian Alps with ascent to Triglav


The dateAvailability
11.-14.7.20247 places left
22.-25.8.20247 places left

Application: 10 days before the start of the tour, or until vacancies are filled.

  • In the case of 3 persons, the tour is cancelled.
  • Maximum of 7 people per one guide.
  • If there is more people than more guides are with the group.
  • The ascent to Triglav is only possible if at least 3 people decide on this option.


Personal equipment: suitable mountaineering clothing (suitable long mountaineering pants and spare pants, at least four layers of clothing, wind jacket, spare clothing, hat, gloves), backpack at least 35 l, hiking boots, other equipment needed for safe movement in the high mountains (pocket knife, first aid , sunglasses, sunscreen,…). Other personal equipment and equipment recommended by the guide.

Technical equipment: helmet, climbing harness, via ferrata kit - in case you go to Triglav.

We can also provide you with technical equipment or you can rent it for individual tours.

Special requirements

  • The physical fitness of the individual and the endurance of walking at least 8-9 hours a day (all together with breaks).
  • To climb Triglav, you need to know how to climb along the secured protected climbing route.


1 - 3 persons4 - 7 personsClimb to Triglav
No guiding250 € / person115 € / person

Special bennefits:

  • 10% discount for families (parent + child).
  • 10% discount for participants who have already participated in our programs.
  • 5% discount for participants, upon registration and payment at least 20 days before the tour.
  • Discounts are not cumulative.

Included in the price

  • Rental of technical equipment (harness, helmet, via ferrata set).
  • Transportation from Mojstrana and back.
  • Organisation and guiding.
  • Cost of guides.
  • Guiding of international mountaineering and mountain guides.
  • Agency gift.

Additional payment

  • Overnight stay and all additional food and drink in the huts.
  • Other costs related to the tour, which are not included in the price of the package.
  • Health insurance and additional insurance in case of rescue in the mountains.
  • Additional personal purchases in the huts.
  • Guided ascent with a mountain guide to Triglav (surcharge €115 / person).

For sleeping, food and drinks in the huts, you need approx. 55 € / day.
Keep cash with you as the cards may not work in the huts from time to time.

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