With a mountain guide to the best ski touring terrains

Choose your own one - day ski touring tour, ski touring traverse or multi - day ski touring experience, where a professional mountain guide will take care of your delights on the white fields. One - day ski touring in Austria, traversing the Nockbergs, ski touring in the Otztal Alps, ski touring in the Northern Lights area... and more and more are the right destinations for complete touring skiing pleasures.

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From 90 € / person

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Height difference

Up to
1500 m


Up to
10 days



Taking your wishes, together we can help you choose the best terrain for your ski touring adventure. Join us a one - day ski touring tour in Slovenia, Italy or Austria, a multi - day crossing or a week of ski touring.

In case you have your own formed group and have no idea where to go to the white fields, you can also choose our offered touring ski adventures such as: daily ski touring tours, crossings, traverses and weeks of ski touring:

  • Triglav’s ski touring traverse
  • Ski touring week in quiet Queyras 
  • Grossvenediger - Hoch Tirol
  • Senja - skiing in the land of the northern lights
  • Traversing the Nockbergs
  • and more

We go on the tour with our transport or plane and a mountain guide with an IFMGA license.


Find your own location or ask us and together we will prepare a program.

As your own formed group, you can choose one of our offered programs, which are held in different locations.


One - day: Slovenia, Austria, Italy up to a distance of 200 km one way from Mojstrana.

Three to four days traversing.

Weeks of ski touring last from one week to ten days.


Easy ski touring tour: Dovška Baba, Viševnik, Struška, etc.

Moderate ski touring tour: Veliki Draški vrh, Kotovo sedlo, Stenar, etc.

Very moderate ski touring tour: Jalovec through Jalovec culuoir (skiing exclusively from the top of the saddle), Mangart across Plazje (skiing only from the top of the saddle), etc.

Usage of ski touring equipment and an avalanche safety set is mandatory for the tour. If you do not have your own equipment, we will provide it to you for the tour. The avalanche safety set  is included in the price. You can rent a ski touring set at our agency.

The tour is intended for adults and children over the age of 15.

The tours are NOT for those who do not know alpine sking. 

Private guided ski touring tours in Slovenia, Austria and Italy.
guided ski touring tours with IFMGA guides in Slovenia
Private guided backcountry tours and trips all over the Europe


By agreement
From 1.12. to 31.4.
Or scheduled appointments on our programs


Personal equipment: winter ski touring clothes (suitable long winter ski touring pants and spare wind pants, at least four layers of clothing, wind jacket, spare clothes, hat, under hat and 2 x gloves), backpack at least 35 l, in which go drinks, food, equipment needed for safe movement in the winter highlands for 1 day and other necessary equipment (pocket knife, first aid kit, sunglasses, sunscreen…).

Other equipment suggested by the our agency, for for multi days trips.

Technical equipment: Ski touring set: ski touring skis or split board, ski touring bindings, skins, crampons (if you do not have this equipment, you can rent it from us - not split board).

Avalanche safety set: avalanche beacon, probe, shovel (in case you do not have this equipment, we will provide it and it is included in the price).

Price list

One day easyOne day difficultOne day difficult
1 - 6 persons1 - 4 persons1 - 2 persons
100 € / person120 € / person225 € / person
One day easyOne day difficultOne day difficult
1 - 6 persons1 - 4 persons1 - 2 persons
110 € / person150 € / person250 € / person

Tour is done with the application of at least 4 people. In case of 1 - 3 people, the price is the same as if 4 people would be applied.

Price includes

Included in the price (one day tours): guiding from a mountain guide and its costs, transportation, rental of technical equipment (harness, helmet, ice axe, crampons, avalanche safety set) and a gift.

Included in the price (multi day tours): guiding from a mountain guide and its costs, transportation to the starting point or to the airport, rental of technical equipment (harness, helmet, ice axe, crampons, safety set), half board (on some tours) and a gift.

Additional payment:

  • Half board in cottages.
  • Additional food and drinks, not included in the half board.
  • Vehicle rental and apartments.
  • Ski touring set rental (ski touring skis, bindings, boots, crampons, skins, poles).

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