Conquer the almighty Triglav 2864 m the heights peak of Slovenia

Triglav 2864 m is a mighty mountain located in the heart of the Triglav National Park; it is the symbol of Slovenia and boasts the greatest Slovenian wall. All ascents are led by professional mountain guides.Take part in the group ascents that start from Krma valley. We also offer you private one - day or two - day ascents from the valley Kot, Vrata, or you can choose the starting point yourself and for the most daring, we recommend climbing over the Triglav north face.

Group guided tours from Krma valley

Do you want to conquer the highest Slovenian peak in a group? Triglav is an almighty mountain located in the heart of the Triglav National Park.

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Private climb from Krma valley

Triglav is a symbol for Slovenians. Book your private guided tour from our alpine valley Krma with an international mountain guide.

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Private climb from Vrata valley

Tominšek route, Prag route and Bamberg route over Plemenice are a real challenge for those who seek a more daring adventure.

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Triglav 7 lakes hiking traverse

Multiple day hiking tour trough the valley of seven lakes and with ascent to the top of Slovenia. Tour full of history and beautiful scenery.

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Slovenian route in the Triglav north face

Do you want to climb the Triglav north face? Climb easiest route - the Slovenian route. Discover the mysterious corners of the most powerful Slovenian wall.

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Short German route in the Triglav north face

The Short German route presents a greater challenge. Constant climbing of the 3rd difficulty level will not leave you indifferent, especially not Zimmer - Jahn exit.

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Long German route in the Triglav north face

Is the longest route and after 1300 m of climbing the upper fourth level of difficulty, it proudly ends at the top of Triglav. A challenge for thoes who wants a pure adventure.

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Bavarian route in Triglav north wall

A climbing challenge for experienced climbers is definitely the Bavarian route, which requires good climbing technique, coordination and strength.

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Winter ascent from Krma valley

The winter ascent to Triglav is lonely just like in the time of the first ascents, primordial and fantastic. A real climbing ascent along the snowy slopes and sharp ridge.

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Winter ascent via Slovenian route

Climb Triglav north face in winter. Even in winter conditions, the route is the easiest route in the Wall, but despite its apparent ease, it represents a real adventure.

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