With an IFMGA mountain guide over the mighty Triglav north wall

Do you want to climb the Triglav north wall? Climb it by the easiest route - Slovenian route. Discover the mysterious corners of the most powerful Slovenian wall, which is so mighty that it is called the Wall with a capital letter. The Slovenian route is also the first route that was climbed in the Wall in the end of 19th century.

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Height difference

1300 m


1 day

Height of route

800 m

The Slovenian route is the easiest route in the Triglav north wall and can be on the bucket list of every guest who wants to climb the Wall. It is rated with the upper third level of difficulty and is 800m high.

The Slovenian route is one of the ascents that time can not eat away. Such a pre-classic was climbed and led by our fathers and grandfathers. Among the many 'Slovenian routes' around the world, our Triglav will keep the honorable and respected championship forever. Together with Zlatorog's paths (a further route that crosses the Wall), it belongs to a special class of Triglav classics. It won’t burden you with too much difficulty, but you’ll be able to indulge in the experience. This is extremely rich in the heart of our most powerful wall, in the middle of giant pillars, in deep ravines, on charming shelves above magnificent views.

We will start the tour in the parking lot in front of Aljaž's hut (1015 m) and walk over the path across Prag to the foot of the Wall, where the entrance is in both Slovenian and German route.

After the crossroad, we will climb a rocky pillar, which will lead us to the junction of a more crunchy variant over Macesne. We will ascend to Bučar's wall via the famous White slabs and we will already be in Slovenian coluoir. In the early summer there is still snow here, so we will use crampons and an ice axes, and towards the end of the summer there is out of the snow. At the top of the coluoir, turn left onto the famous coluoir - Prevc exit, and the other option is to exit on the famous overflowing Frelih ledge. The exit is to the Triglav glacier (approx. 2300 m) and from there we will join the path across Prag and descend to Vrata valley. In case of fatigue, you can also climb to Triglav lodge at Kredarica (2515 m) and descend to Krma valley.

After climb we can provide you guided climb to the top of the Triglav by the secured path from Triglav lodge at Kredarica (2515 m)

The guide is intended for adults and children over the age of 10. The guided tour starts by appointment, and with our transfer we pick you up in front of your room, apartment or hotel. We take care of all the necessary technical equipment.

Guests under the Triglav north wall before the guided tour
Guided tour with IFMGA mountain guide in Triglav north wall
One of the exit from Slovenian route in Triglav north wall


Privat - by arrangementGroup - Outdoor Festival Mojstrana
At least 1 week in advance15.6.2024: 3 free places


Personal equipment: sports - mountaineering clothing suitable for the season (suitable long mountaineering trousers, at least three layers of clothing, wind jacket, spare cap and gloves), low or high trekking shoes with profiled sole, backpack at least 35 liters, where drinks and food go, and other equipment needed for safe movement in the high mountains (pocket knife, first aid kit, sunglasses, sunscreen, iron reserve ...).

Technical equipment: climbing harness, helmet, 2 x carabiners with screwer, 1 x endless sling in the strap (in case you do not have this equipment, we provide it), crampons and ice axe (in case of snow on known summer snowfields or in late spring or early summer period).

Price list - groups - min 2 persons

245 €

Price list - private

1 person2 persons
390 € / person245 € / person

Price includes

Guiding, rental of technical equipment, transfer from accommodation and back (Kranjska Gora, Mojstrana), guide costs and gift.

Additional payment (valid for one or two people):

  • Climb to the top of Triglav along a secured path: 200 €
  • Climb to the top of Triglav over the western wall and the northern ridge: 250 €
  • Sleeping in a hut and descent on the second day:  300 €
  • Ascent to the top and descent on the second day: 400 €
  • Half board in Triglavski dom na Kredarici (approx. 60 € per person) for non - members of the Mountaineering Association of Slovenia.
  • Other food and beverages not included in half board.

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