To the highest peaks of Slovenian and foreign mountains in winter conditions

Experience a unique mountain guided tour in lonely winter conditions. A mountain guide leads you to various peaks or ridges suitable for more physically fit guests. Triglav, Jalovec, Mangart, Montaž and the rest of the highest mountain peaks here and abroad are real winter pearls. The mountain guide will try to make climbing, crossing or just hiking easier for you with professional guidance and knowledge.

Advance booking is required.

From 180 € / person

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Height difference

Up to
1800 m


1 day




  • At your request or dates from the list below.
  • At least 3 -  4 days advance notice is required.
  • When snow and avalanche conditions are suitable.


  • Julian Alps, 
  • Karawanks, 
  • Kamnik Savinja Alps.
  • Mountains in neighbour countries: Italy and Austria.
Guided winter ascents in Slovenia

Routs, prices and guided ratio

Visoki RokavNormal ascent500 € / person300 € / person
JalovecNormal ascent470 € / person275 € / person
OltarNormal ascent500 € / person300 € / person
MangartNormal ascent470 € / person275 € / person
Dovški križ - jugova grapaRavine climbing 40 - 60 dg + approach500 € / person300 € / person
Škrnatarica-Dovški KrižClimbing ridge 1500m550 € / person325 € / person
Zeleniške špiceClimbing ridge I - II, 2000m470 € / person275 € / person
Ravines above VršičRavine climbing 40 - 60 dg + approach320 € / person180 € / person
NŠG - Uroševa grapaClimbing ridge 60 - 80 dg + approach370 € / person210 € / person
Dolgi hrbet - Teranova routeClimbing ridge 65 - 80 dg + approach390 € / person250 € / person

Included in the price

Guiding, rental of technical equipment, transport from the accommodation and back (Kranjska Gora, Mojstrana), costs of the guide and gift.


Own equipment: sports - mountaineering clothes suitable for the season (suitable long mountaineering trousers, at least three layers of clothing, wind jacket, spare cap and gloves), low or high trekking shoes with profiled soles, a backpack of at least 35 l, where drinks and food go, and other equipment necessary for safe movement in the highlands (pocket knife, first aid, sunglasses, sunscreen, iron reserve…).

Technical equipment: climbing harness, helmet, 2 x carabiners with nut, 1 x endless loop in the strap (if you do not have this equipment, we will provide it), crampons and 2 x ice axes.

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