A fantastic ice adventure where we teach you the basics of safe movement in the ice vertical world

Experience the perfect adventure in the real ice. Experience it under the expert guidance of a mountain guide, good company and quality equipment. Overcoming the ice vertical can become your passion.

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290 € / person

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II, 4

Height difference

200 m


2 days

Climbing part

200 m

Ice climbing courses are held in the Mlačca ice climbing gorge and in the Julian Alps waterfalls. Technical contents are carried out in the Mlačca gorge or in waterfalls, which are available in the given conditions. On the second day of the course we set off on a guided ice climbing tour to the waterfalls of the Julian Alps,  Kamnik Savinja Alps. Depending on the ice conditions and the knowledge of the participants.

Group two - day courses are organised on weekends or one day weekend and one day a week. At your request, we can also orgnised a private ice climbing course during the week.

We only run two-day courses, where the second day is dedicated to a guided ice climbing tour to one of the waterfalls.


  • Ice climbing equipment
  • Climbing technique
  • Protections
  • Movement of connection and communication
  • Abalak’s system
  • Rappeling
  • Climbing with top rope technique
  • Guided climbing tour


  • Sunday: Mlačca Gorge or ice waterfalls (depending on the situation) 9.00 - 17.00
  • Monday: Climbing waterfalls 7.00 - 17.00

The use of winter mountaineering equipment for climbing waterfalls is mandatory for the course. If you do not have your own equipment, we will provide it to you for the course (except winter boots) and it is included in the price of the course.

The course is intended for adults and children from the age of 15.

Ice climbing course for beginners
Ice climbing course with and IFMGA mountain guides in Slovenia
Ice climbing course for beginners


23.-24.1.20244 more places


Personal equipment: winter sports - mountaineering clothing (suitable long winter mountaineering pants and spare windproof, at least four layers of clothing, wind jacket, spare clothing, hat, cap and 2 x gloves), winter mountaineering boots where you can install automatic or semi-automatic crampons, a backpack of at least 30 l, where drinks and food go, as well as other equipment necessary for safe movement in the winter mountains (pocket knife, first aid, sunglasses, sunscreen, iron reserve ...).

Technical equipment: climbing harness, helmet, 2 x carabiners with nuts, 1 x endless loop in the strap, crampons (semi-automatic or automatic) 2 x climbing ice axe (in case you do not have this equipment, we provide it).

Price list

290 € / person

Price includes

Mountain guide guiding, technical equipment rental, transportation, guide costs and gift.

The course is done with the registration of at least 2 people. For 2 or 4 registered, the price is as it is. In the case of 3 people, the price is 30% higher.

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