Conquer the highest peak of the Alps with touring skis

A cross-country ski tour that will take you to the highest peak of the Alps: Mont Blanc (4810 m), which is also the highest peak in Western Europe. An ascent that provides indescribable sensations upon arrival at the top, and to top it all off, there is a ski descent back to the valley. The tour is accompanied by a mountain guide and is suitable for well-prepared touring skiers.

Advanced reservation is required.

1850 € / person

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Height difference

2500 m


4 days


Mont Blanc

Sometimes the desire for something that is not accessible to everyone awakens in us. That's why we climb the highest peaks in our home area, then we go to the highest peaks in our country, followed by those of our neighbours. Now it is the turn of the highest peak in Alps. Mont Blanc towers over France and Italy with its rich history. Both countries passionately advocate that the top itself should belong to only one. Which one really belongs... will remain a question for some time. Despite this dilemma, this is a peak worth stepping on. Even more unforgettable is the unique skiing downhill back to the valley. A tour that is suitable only for the most prepared touring skiers.


DAY 1: Slovenia - Chamonix (1035 m)

Transportation from Slovenia to the capital of mountaineering - Chamonix (1035m). Arrival in the afternoon. Start approx. 6 in the morning from Mojstrana. Accommodation in a hostel-hotel depends on what we get through the reservation. Prepare equipment and a possible short tour of the city.

DAY 2: Chamonix (1035m) - Plan de l'Aiguille lift station (2310m) - Grands Mulets Hut (3051m)

We will start the traditional route at the lower station of the Plan de l'Aiguille li gondola (2310m) and continue over the Les Bossons glacier to the Grands Mulets hut (3051m), which is spectacularly set on top of an exposed rock in the middle of the glacier. We will also spend the night there and prepare for an early start to the summit.

  • Ascent time: 3 - 4 hours
  • Highest point: 3051 m
  • Altitude difference: 2080 m, 880 m from the station
  • Skiing: only UP

DAY 3: Grands Mulets Hut (3051 m) - Valot Bivouac (4362 m) - Mont Blanc (4810 m) - Grands Mulets Hut (3051 m) - Chamonix

From the Grands Mulets hut, we will climb over the Arrete Royal ridge to the Vallot bivouac (4362 m) and continue along the ridge to the summit of Mont Blanc (4810 m). This is followed by skiing along the ski route back to the Grands Mulets hut (3051 m) and further over the Bosson glacier to the middle station of the gondola on the Aiguille du Midi (2310 m) and a gondola ride back to Chamonix. Sleeping in Chamonix.

  • Time of ascent and descent: 8 + 6 h
  • Highest point: 4810 m,
  • Altitude difference: 1700 m,
  • Skiing: 1700 m to the chalet + 880 m to the middle station of the gondola on the Aiguille du Midi

DAY 4: Chamonix - Slovenia

Breakfast and drive back to Slovenia. Arrival in Slovenia in the afternoon - evening hours.

Since this is a ski touring tour where we move at a high altitude and where problems with altitude sickness can occur and since the program does NOT include an acclimatization tour, we request that the guest do their own acclimatization in the week before leaving for the tour. At least a two-day ascent to a height of around 4000m (Grossglockner, Grand Paradiso, etc.) is absolutely recommended, and as a last resort, an ascent to an Austrian three-thousander with sleeping in a hut.

Since the ascent takes place at a high altitude and with a large height difference overcome, the ascent is physically demanding. In case of any complications (altitude sickness, weather changes, etc.), the ascent continues to the point where we can safely return back to the valley, for which the mountain guide is responsible.

One IFMGA-licensed mountain guide (an IFMGA-licensed mountain guide trainee can also help guide) can guide a maximum of two people according to the rules. In the event of any health complications of one of the guests, the relationship is reversed regardless of the good health of the other guest).

Good physical fitness is required, experience and knowledge of using technical winter equipment and ski touring techniques are a condition.

The tour is intended for adults.​

Morning ski tour ascent of Mont Blanc with a guide.
Ski touring ascent of Mont Blanc with a guide.
Crossing the ridge during a ski tour ascent of Mont Blanc with a guide.
The tour descends from Mont Blanc back to the valley and Chamonix.


New date for 2025 will be know in October.


Personal equipment: winter ski touring clothes (suitable long winter ski touring pants and spare wind pants, at least four layers of clothing, wind jacket, spare clothes, hat, under hat and 2 x gloves), backpack at least 35 l, in which go drinks, food, equipment needed for safe movement in the winter highlands for 3 days and other necessary equipment (pocket knife, first aid kit, sunglasses, sunscreen…).

Technical equipment: Ski touring set: ski touring skis or split board, ski touring bindings, skins, crampons (if you do not have this equipment, you can rent it from us - not split board) + icexe and crampons.

Avalanche safety set: avalanche beacon, probe, shovel (in case you do not have this equipment, we will provide it and it is included in the price).

Price list

2 or 4 persons1850 € / person
3 persons2290 € / person
1 person3180 € / person

Price includes

Transportation (Slovenia - Chamonix - Slovenia), management, organization, costs of guide/guides, 2x bed and breakfast in a hostel or hotel in Chamonix, half board at the Grandes Muletes chalet, transportation with the Plan de l'Aiguille gondola, rental of technical equipment, gift.

Additional payment:

  • Own food and drinks in the cabins, which are not included in the half board.
  • Additional food and drinks not included in the price of a room with breakfast in a hostel or hotel.
  • Insurance in case of rescue abroad.

We make cabin reservations.

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