Conquer the Triglav mountain along demanding secured paths from the Vrata valley

Triglav is a symbol of Slovenia, so it is worth climbing one of the three secured paths from the beautiful Vrata valley. Tominšek’s path, the path across Prag and Bamberg’s path across Plemenice are a real challenge for those that want more daring. As you ascend to the top, you will always be accompanied by the mighty Triglav north wall. You can book an IFMGA mountain guide for the climb, which will be available just for you.

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Height difference

1850 m


2 days

Via ferrata part

800 m

From the fantastic Vrata valley, where stands Aljaž hut (1015 m) and which ends with the highest and widest wall in the Eastern Alps - the Triglav north wall. There run the most daring secured paths to the top of Triglav (2864 m). To the left, starting in the slopes of Cmir, the Tominšek’s path rises to the Triglav glacier. To the right of it, somewhere in the middle, climbs the path across Prag, which is the easiest one. The most difficult path Bamberg's path ascends from the Luknja saddle along the north-western ridge across Plemenice. As the routes are demanding and long, we recommend a two-day ascent.

The easiest is the route PRAG PATH, where we overcome 1500 altitude meters to Kredarica lodge (2515 m). The route is estimated at B difficulty, it has a climbing part of 800 m. It runs along the left side of the mighty northern wall and is the most natural passage to the Triglav glacier. On the way we will overcome five typical climbing thresholds (Prag), that is where it got its name. In the last third it runs along the Triglav , and at the end we have the last climbing part under the Kredarica lodge.

Medium difficulty, but with greater exposure is TOMINŠEK'S PATH , where we also overcome 1500 altitude meters to Kredarica lodge. The route is estimated at B difficulty, it has a climbing part of 650 m. Below Begunjski vrh mountain, it joins with the path across Prag and along it we will continue to Kredarica lodge (2515 m).

The most difficult is the BAMBERG'S PATH, where there is no hut in between and we have to climb directly to the top of Triglav and overcome 1850 altitude meters. The route is estimated at C difficulty, it has a climbing part of 600 m. It starts at the Luknja saddle (1758 m) and follows the north-western ridge to the Western Triglav plateau, under which the famous Sphinx ‘lives’. From the plateau it climbs over the western wall to the top of Triglav. If we want to sleep in a hut, we have to go down to Kredarica lodge.

In case of good weather, the ascent will take place on the first day from the Vrata valley (1015 m) to the Kredarica lodge (2515 m). The next day will be the ascent to the top of Triglav, back to Kredarica lodge and the descent into the valley. In case of bad weather on the second day, the ascent to the top can be done on the first day and the next day you can only descend back to the valley.

DURATION The path across Prag and Tominšek's path:

  • DAY 1: Vrata (1015 m) - Kredarica cottage (2515m); 6 - 8 h hike and 1500 height difference
  • DAY 2: Kredarica cottage (2515 m ) - the peak of Triglav (2864 m) and back to the Krma valley (980 m); 2-4 h and 350 altitude meters from the cottage to the top and back and another 3 - 5 h hike back to the valley.
  • We will descend to the Krma valley, because it is easier for the guests.

DURATION The Bamberg’s path

  • DAY 1: Vrata valley (1015 m) - Triglav (2864 m) - Kredarica cottage (2515 m); 10 - 12 h hike and 1850 altitude meters
  • DAY 2: Kredarica cottage (2515 m) and back to the Krma valley (980 m); 3 - 4 h and 350 height difference from cottage to the top and back and another 3 -  5 h hike back to the valley. 
  • We will descend to the Krma valley, because it is easier for the guests.

One-day ascent: recommended only if you are physically fit. On the scale of your ability from 1 to 5 you must reach 5, even better is 6. The ascent takes 12 to 16 hours. It is necessary to overcome 1900 m.

Two-day ascent (our recommendation): because you will be able to enjoy the ascent immensely, because you will have enough time to observe the surroundings, rest and more.

All the descents are mady by the Prag way or Krma way.

For a secured path, we recommend  via ferrata set - a helmet, a climbing harness and a self-protection system. If you don't have your own, you will receive our set at the beginning of the ascent.

The guided tour is intended for adults and children from the age of 9. The guided tour starts by appointment, and with our transfer we pick you up in front of your room, apartment or hotel. We will take care of all the necessary technical equipment.


By agreement
At least 3 days notice required in advance.
From the end of June till the end of September.


Personal equipment: suitable for the season sports - mountaineering clothing (suitable long mountaineering pants, at least three layers of clothing, wind jacket, spare hat and gloves), low or high trekking shoes with profiled soles,  via ferrata gloves (or ordinary work), backpack drinks and food and other equipment needed for safe movement in the highlands (pocket knife, first aid, sunglasses, sunscreen, …).

Technical equipment: via ferrata system, climbing harness, helmet, crampons and iceax (in case of snow on known summer snowfields or in late spring or early summer).

Price list

1 person2 persons3 persons4 persons
Triglav 1 day400 € /person300 € /person250 € /person235 € /person
Triglav 2 days750 € /person425 € /person €350 € /person300 € /person

Price includes

Guiding, rental of technical equipment, transport from accommodation and back (Kranjska Gora, Mojstrana), guide costs and gift.


  • Half board in Triglav lodege at Kredarici (approx. 60 € in cash) for non-members of the Mountaineering Association of Slovenia.
  • Other food and beverages not included in half board.
  • Special wishes for example: descnt by not the easy way aprox 75 €
  • In case of more than 4 guided persons, an additional guide is needed for the upper part (secured path) and each additional person is charged according to the price list.

We make reservations for the cottages.

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