Conquer the highest peak of the Stubai Alps - Zuckerhütle

The Stubai Alps are a mountain range located northwest of Innsbruck in Austria - and they are also the third-highest mountain range in Austria. The peaks border Austria and Italy, and they are known for hiding numerous three-thousanders and various glaciers, including the Stubai Glacier. Our goal will be to ascend three three-thousanders, among which is the highest peak of the Stubai Alps - Zuckerhütl at 3507 meters.

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Height difference

2800 m


3 days

Climbing part

450 m

The three-day tour begins in Mojstrana. Together, we'll drive to Austria to the Stubai Valley to the starting point and ascend through the Langental Valley to the Nürnberger Hütte hut (2297 m) on the same day. There, we'll spend the first night after a three-hour ascent. The next day, we'll start the tour towards the summit of the first three-thousander, Wilder Freiger (3418 m), and descend via the Ubeltalferrner glacier to the Müller Hütte hut (3150 m). On the last day, a ridge ascent awaits to the second three-thousander, Wilder Pfapf (3456 m), descent to the Sulzenauferner glacier, and finally, the cherry on top with the ascent to Zuckerhütl (3507 m) - the highest peak of the Stubai Alps, from where we will descend back to the valley. The primary plan is to descend to the valley via the Sulzenauferner glacier, passing the lake of the same name and the hut to the Grawa waterfall (1550 m), while the backup plan includes descent via gondola from the Fernaujoch saddle (3050m) to the lower station in Mutterberg.


DAY 1: Mojstrana - starting point (1380 m) - Nurrenberger Hut (2297 m): 3 h, 870 m.

DAY 2: Nürnberger Hut (2297 m) - Wilder Freiger (3418 m) - Müller Hut (3150 m): 6 - 8 h, 1350 m.

DAY 3: Müller Hut (3150 m) - Wilder Pfapf (3456 m) - Zuckerhütl (3507 m) - upper station of the Stubai Glacier cable car, Fernaujoch (3050 m) - lower station of the cable car - 4 - 5 h, 500 m.


The ascent is suitable for individuals experienced in winter hiking and knowledgeable in the use of crampons and ice axes.

Traversing the Stubai Alps with a mountain guide.
Traversing the Stubai Alps and ascending to the highest peak, Zuckerhütle.


DatePlaces available
21. - 23.7.20243 places left


Personal equipment: Weather-appropriate sports-mountaineering clothing (suitable long winter mountaineering pants and spare windproof pants, at least four layers of clothing, windproof jacket, spare clothing, hat, balaclava, and 2 pairs of gloves), winter mountaineering boots suitable for attaching automatic or semi-automatic crampons, backpack of at least 30 - 35 liters capacity for carrying drinks, food, and other equipment necessary for safe movement in winter high mountains (pocket knife, first aid kit, sunglasses, sunscreen, emergency supplies...).

Technical equipment: Climbing harness, helmet, 2 locking carabiners, 1 sewn sling, crampons (preferably semi-automatic or automatic), 1 hiking ice axe with a length of over 50 cm (if you do not have this equipment, we can provide it).

Price list

Special benefits:

  • 10% discount for family climbs.
  • 10% discount for guests who have already participated in our programs.
  • 5% discount on all payments made 20 days before the climb.

Discounts cannot be combined.

Price includes

Guiding, rental of technical equipment (helmet, harness, crampons, ice axe), transport from accommodation and back (Kranjska Gora, Mojstrana), guide expenses, and a gift are included.

Additional payments:

  • Half-board for guests and additional costs for drinks and food at both huts. Approximately €60 per half-board.
  • Gondola. Approximately €25 per person.
  • We handle hut reservations.

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To the highest Stubai Alps peak Zuckerhütle, where a real alpine mountaineering adventure awaits you. The number of available dates is limited, so do not hesitate to register.

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