Enter to beautiful world of snow-capped mountains independently, carefully and safely

The quiet and snowy winter landscape of the Slovenian mountains invites us to its heart. In order to minimise the possibility of the realisation of unfavourable scenarios, which involve the presence of human ignorance of the use of equipment, techniques, tactics and proper judgement, we invite you to a winter course on safe movement in the mountains.

Advanced reservation is required

120 € / person

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Height difference

Up to
800 m


1 day


Julian Alps

In winter activities in the mountains, there are several possible scenarios that may occur due to our ignorance, namely from being swept away by an avalanche, that the crampons close behind our pants and start sliding on the snow to lose the ice axe, and we need to get to safety a place to the point that we have overestimated our abilities and so on and so forth, so through the course we want to take you to a safe independent world of visiting the mountains.

Winter courses of safe movement in the mountains are carried out either on Vršič or in other suitable locations (Karavanke ...), which is the safest for movement in a given avalanche conditions. We choose the best terrains that enable a quality didactic approach.

Group courses are held on weekends. At your request, we can also conduct a private course during the week at your desired location.

We run both one - day and two - day courses. In the two - day course, we add an additional winter tour on the second day, where we repeat the acquired knowledge, so that the mountaineering experience is even more noble.


  • Basics of safe movement
  • Technique and tactics of walking and ascents and descents
  • Dangers in the mountains
  • Preparing for the tour
  • Avalanche equipment
  • Snow cover stability tests
  • Demonstration of rescuing from avalanches


  • One - day courses last one day on the weekend from approximately 7.00 h to approximately 17.00 h.
  • Two - day on Saturday and Sunday. Both days from approx. 7.00 h to approx. 17.00 h. The first day is more technical in nature. On the second day, repeat the content on an additional tour.

The course requires winter mountaineering equipment such as a helmet, crampons, iceaxe (over 50 cm long) and an avalanche safety set (avalanche beacon, probe and shovel). If you do not have winter equipment, we will provide it to you for free.

The course is intended for adults and children over the age of 15.

Winter mountaineering course of safe movement with IFMGA guides.
Beginner mountaineering course in Julian Alps
Snow cover stability tests -winter mountaineering course
Guided winter tour in mountaineering course with IFMGA guides


By arrangment
At least 1 week before.


Personal equipment: winter mountaineering clothes (suitable long winter pants and spare wind pants, at least four layers of clothing, wind jacket, spare clothes, hat, under hat and 2 x gloves), backpack at least 35 l, in which go drinks, food, equipment needed for safe movement in the winter highlands for 2 days and other necessary equipment (pocket knife, first aid kit, sunglasses, sunscreen…).

Technical equipment: helmet, mountaineering iceaxe (long at least 50 cm +), classic or semiautomatic crampons, good winter mountaineering shoes.

Avalanche safety set: avalanche beacon, probe, shovel (in case you do not have this equipment, we will provide it.

Price list for private courses

PersonsPrice / person
1 person370 €
2 persons220 €
3 persons180 €
4 persons150 €
5 or 6 persons120 €

Price includes

Guiding, renting technical equipment (helmet, crampons, ice axe, avalanche safety set), transport (from Mojstrana), guide costs and a gift.

The course is organised with the registration of at least 5 people. In the case of 4 people, the price is 30 % higher.

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