Prepare your skis for safe and enjoyable skiing.

If you want your skis to slide well, have great sharpened edges to overcome the hardness of icy ski slopes, and to be optimally prepared in all respects, we offer servicing of alpine, cross-country and touring skis. We install ski bindings quickly and professionally and all our work is done by hand.

Price list

  • SMALL SERVIS: grinding slide plane, impregnation.  17,00€
  • MEDIUM SERVIS: grinding slide plane, curb sharpening, impregnation, bindes control.  22,00€
  • GIANT SERVIS: grinding slide plane, curb sharpening, polishing edges, repairing slide plane damages, impregnation, bindes control.  26,00€
  • CROSS COUNTRY SKI SERVICE: grinding slide plane, repairing slide plane damages, impregnation, impression of the structure in slide plane, bindes control.  17,00€
  • SKI SERVICE FOR COMPETITION: curb sharpening (angel sharpening), curb side sharpening (depend on alpine descipline), polishing edges, repairing slide plane damages, cleaning slide plane, impregnation with waxes with a high level of flouro carbon (Swix-technology), impression of the structure in slide plane.  35,00€
  • CHILDREN SKI SERVIS: grinding slide plane, grinding edges, impregnation, bindes control.  17,00€
  • FITTING  12,00€
  • CHANGING GLUE  29,00€

Special notes

  • We have 25 % discount for pre season – 15. 11. till 15. 12.
  • At 5 pair of skis we have 20 % discount on giant and medium service.
  • Discounts do not sum up.
  • Discounts don’t value for ski service competition.